A Chartered Structural Engineer must have accredited university qualifications in Engineering, a minimum of 4 years relevant design experience and fulfil the high level examination process set by the Institution of Structural Engineers. Following rigorous interviews and presentations, the main exams include a challenging 7 hour competency exam. Following qualification, the Institution insists on a minimum amount of Professional development every year to ensure it members standards are maintained at a high level. The overall training is widely accepted as being comparable to architects, accountants, and solicitors.

  • An accredited university qualification 


  • A minimum of 4 years relevant design experience 

  • Fulfil the core objectives of a Chartered Engineer set by the IStructE 

  • Attend interviews & give presentations 

  • Pass the 7 hour IStructE competency examination 

  • Maintain a record of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), for annual submission.