The roles of Civil & Structural Engineers are often misunderstood and people tend to confuse them with Architects and Surveyors.  This is partly because the jobs of these professions often overlap. The easiest way to think of it is to consider the Architect as designer of the look & functionality and the Civil & Structural Engineers as the ones responsible for making it stand up able to resist all loads and outside forces.


Who Are Structural Engineers & What Do They Do?


How are Chartered Structural Engineers trained?


How will a Chartered Structural Engineer Improve the Works?


Why should I employ a Chartered Structural Engineer?


A structural engineer will therefore generally compliment the design team by advising on the skeleton and main structure of the building. It would be prudent to seek a structural engineer for New Build schemes, any specific problems with a building or modifications where you are unsure of how loads are being carried. For example, the removal of a wall, conversion or change of use which involves changes to floors, beams, columns, walls, timber roofs, cisterns & pools etc.